Bozel Spa Installation

Today saw the delivery of a brand new Arctic Spas Yukon to Bozel at the foot of the reknowned 3 Valleys ski area. This customer is getting ahead of game having his spa delivered well before the first snowfall. This is the first of 6 new installation on the cards for Chalet Craft over the next 2 weeks.

The Arctic Yukon is one of our most popular hot tub models seating 6 people all in inward facing seats making it very roomy. This particular spa also has the family lighting package, peak ozone 1 and wet tunes. We class these additional options to be a must to enhance and complete your Arctic Spas experience.

Arctic spas are world reknowned to be amongst the best quality and most durable spas on the market. They are designed and manufactured in Canada where they have been designed to cope with the harshest winter climates. It is for this reason that these spas are so popular in the ski resorts of the French Alps.